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Forms And Documents


Action Forms (need to attach)
Core Return 1.Core Return Sheet (sample view)
2.Trouble Report Sheet


Repair-Service Order
(Send-In for repair)

1.Repair-Service Order
2.Trouble Report Sheet
Warranty Claim 1.Warranty Claim Form
2.Trouble Report Sheet
Change the Method of Credit/Refund (Request) 1.Credit/Refund Request

Account Applications

Apply for Forms
WholeSale / Credit Account WholeSale / Credit Account Application
CA-Resale Certificate CA-Resale Certificate


Apply for Forms
IC-Sales Representative ICSR-Agreement
Request TIN Form - W9 Taxpayer ID - W9 Form


1.Terms and Conditions

2.Summary of Policy

3.Create an Account Form(FastOEM.com Use Only)

4.Parking Policy(FastOEM.com Use Only)


1.(Product-)Return Authorization
To make "Return Authorization Request"
1. Sign In (If you didn't)
2. go to "My Account" ->
"Completed orders"
3. Select "Return Requests"

2. It is important that you read the full terms and conditions carefully for that those charges(Rebuilt-Exchange/sell and repair), Period and conditions of payment, return, core return, warranty claim,etc.