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Summary of Policy

This is a summary of the policy. It is important that you read the full terms and conditions carefully.


  • Customer is responsible for shipping charges in all instances of any products being shipped from and to FastOEM.com.

  • In any cases, FastOEM.com will not give a credit or refund to customer at all for shipping related  charges and fees.


  • Customer may issue a purchase order for administrative purposes only.
  • Customer agrees to pay the total invoiced purchase price for the products, core charge, taxes plus shipping.
  • Credit-account must pay and remit by individual invoices Within 40 days.
  • All of Action(s) and Credits for warranty, return and core-return will be issued after Unit has been received, inspected and paid in full of original invoice


  • FastOEM.com warrants that the goods for a period of one (1) year or the warranty period indicated on invoice, whichever occurs sooner from the date of shipment.
  • Warranty products shall be returned undamaged (ex. Physical, water, soft drink, liquid, fire and digitally, etc.) and 100% complete with Warranty Claim Form for Regular Warranty Claim or Core Return Sheet(sample) with checked on "Warranty Core Return" Section for Express Warranty Claim. Warranty shall be the repair or replacement of defective Products.


  • Return Periods will end in  40 days (30+max.10 days for shipping) from invoice date  or  will end on the day of FastOEM.com received core-unit from customer,  whichever occurs sooner.
  • RA(Return Authorization: My Account->Completed Orders) request must be made and return product(s) within Return Periods.
  • Products shall be returned undamaged and must be re-salable condition for a refund or credit to be applied. This includes Original box from FastOEM.com, packing materials, all manuals, packing slip, invoice and accessories.
  • Restocking Fees: A restocking fee of 20% of invoiced amount for product will be charged on all hardware, accessories, peripherals, parts and unopened software still in its/their sealed package, and on software that has not been downloaded if the software is delivered electronically.
  • There will be a 50% restocking/cancellation fee for non-standard products.
Credit / Refund
  • Any credit/refund will be given to your account as store-credit.


Core Return

If we received acceptable core(s) within 40 days(30+max. 10 days for shippings) then you will be credited upto maximum of the originally invoiced core-charge-amount.

The core that is received after 40 days, no value at all and is not identical to the one supplied by FastOEM.com will be returned to you automatically, unless you made request "Do Not Return" on Core Return Sheet.

In order to receive a core deposit refund(credit), the following conditions must be observed.

  • The unit (core) has to be identical (part number or manufacture’s model) to the one supplied.
  • The core should not have any damaged (physical, liquid and digital) or broken components: we will deduct a partial or full amount of the deposit depending on the conditions of core.
  • The core must be return in the original box, packing materials and accessories with "Core Return Sheet". 


Bench-Test / Quote:

Non-refundable and not applicable to any other order or service(include shipping fee).